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Reach brand new customers and create a seamless monthly connection with your current customers.

Speak their language

Smart Plant Home’s tools speak to all

people with plants expanding your market reach bringing in younger consumers to shop at your store.

Offer your solutions

Our program is all about growing your business. Your retail locations, your plants

and your products syncing to all the

plants people own.

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More income and


The new digital age is calling for innovation, and we're bringing that to your door step. Smart Plant Home has developed several tools to

elevate your business and reach new younger customers.

Digital Marketing
Your Brand
Ecommerce Site
Consumer Insights Enable More Strategic Sales
Subscription Revenue
Green Chip'd Plants

We already have an established base of customers from digital marketing and app hub users in your area. We'd like to connect these customers to you.


We have fully stocked ship direct ecommerce turn key site ready for your garden center or connect your existing website to our hub system. Either way you grow your customers and increase online sales.


Our robust ecosystem brings all our tools into one place which enables you to access information such as demographics, shopping patterns, a complete footprint of ALL the plants they own not just the ones you sell, and so much more.


We have a growing customer base who choose to upgrade from the free version to an in depth experience with a horticulturist in their pocket for 24/7 365 connection to help. We share in these upgrades for a whole new revenue source.

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Our Licensed Garden Centers now offer an experience none of your competitors have. By scanning our loading from our library your plants explode to an interactive digital experience it will show them information about that plant. And connect your in store products as the solution.

Hear it from our partners


Seth Nicholson, COO

The Bruce Company

“As an IGC, we are constantly challenged to keep up with the technology and trends of the big box competition. Smart Plant Home launches our industry forward with a full package of resources, from product logistics to consumer experience that would take years and major dollars to accomplish alternatively. This platform simplified the process for our staff and improved the experience for our customers, creating a more sustainable future for our business.”


Shaun Quinlan, CEO

Prince Corporation

"Smart Plant Home is a true omnichannel solution for IGC's that not only provides them a no longer optional e-Commerce platform, but more importantly, drives younger consumers through their doors to backfill their aging core customers and help ensure the future viability of their business."

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