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Being an ambassador is like shouting from the rooftops and making money for it. 

The more you recommend Smart Plant Home, the more money you make. It's as simple as that. 

Smart Plant Home will create a unique link for you to use whenever you'd like and however you'd like. You can send your link to friends, family, or followers. You can post it on your social media, link to it on your site, send it in an email. And every time someone uses your link to upgrade to Premium on the Smart Plant Home app, you make $5. 

That's $250 for signing up 50 people.


PLUS, once you refer 99 people, you'll earn $10 per premium. That means, when you sign up your next 100, you'll make $1,000. And if you sign up 1,000 people you make, $10,000!!

All this by simply sharing your love for plants and sharing your love for the Smart Plant Home app.

Now, how do you make sure someone uses your link rather than just upgrading to premium on their own? We've made it easy for you. Anyone who uses your link will get $5 off their premium subscription, which makes it only $30/year for unlimited chat with our experts, unlimited plant identifications, and unlimited pest identifications. 

Now that's a deal worth shouting from the rooftops about, am I right?!

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The Smart Plant Home App

With the free version of our app, you can add all the plants you own

(and the ones you buy) to your digital garden for continued care. 

Smart Plant Home provides a free monthly care calendar, plant descriptions on every plant in our library, trending plants (and how to care for them), garden centers near you and what plants they carry, fun how-to videos and much more!


premium subscription allows a user to chat our horticulture experts at anytime. You can ask the name of a plant by sending in a photo, ask why your plant's leaves are turning brown, figure out what the white bugs are on your plant and so on...

Free Plant Care
Free Plant Care

Smart Plant Home

Premium Subscription

Unlimited Care. Expert Advice.