Your plants in your hands.

Lush plants are only a swipe away.

Life is busy.

Sometimes you remember to care for your plants. 

Sometimes it's a mystery what they need.


Smart Plant Home puts plant experts in your pocket, helping your habitat thrive. 


Load your plants into your digital garden

and we'll tell you how to care for them

with custom care calendar notifications. 

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Smart Plant Home Features  

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Smart Plant Home is live

in these countries:



New Zealand

South Africa

United States 

We turn the app 'on' in countries where we have local plant experts.

We are expanding as quickly as we can to bring on partner retailers and experts.


If you have suggestions, send them to 

Our Story

Technology can create two different realities: one that separates us and one that brings us together. At Smart Plant Home, we use technology to connect us back to the Earth and back to our roots while fostering a community of people with plants. 

Your Plants. Your devices. Expert Care.

Keep your plants alive one notification at a time.
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