Offer order & Pickup to your customers


Now Customers can Explore your Inventory from Home 

Customers have more time to garden, but they need plants and products!

It has never been so easy to engage with your customers at any time. 


Now you can offer your customers order & pickup and show them exactly what you have in store --- while they're still at home.


The steps to connect your store to this Smart Plant Home Feature are simple and you'll be up and running in no time. 


Plus, our start package 'Engage' is free for you!


Step 1

Thanks for submitting!


Step 2

We provide login to add your plants. Good news, it's simple!

Step 3

Add to your Site.

Also, simple! 


Step 4

Step 5

Optional: Set up Cross Promotion

Invite customers to download their Curbside Cart and contact you for availability, pricing and sizing. 




The Smart Plant Home App

When a customer downloads Smart Plant Home, they'll be able to access curbside pickup for your store as well as add the plants they buy from you to their digital garden. 

When they do that, they'll receive care info for their plants and have access to a monthly care calendar. 


continued support

Smart Plant Home is committed to empowering your Garden center.


The Order & Pickup feature is just the tip of the iceberg. Explore all the ways Smart Plant Home helps you connect with younger consumers, sell more product and create brand loyalty. 

Connecting to technology is now the best way to reach your customers and we can help you through this process!

Our Partners Helping Bring this to You

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