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Becoming a Smart Plant Partner puts you in customers' 

pockets and allows you to serve their individual needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Isn't this just an app?

No. The app is the channel by which we gather our information. And a tool for how we connect to garden centers. Smart Plant is more like a hub for the home, where a consumer gives us a footprint of all the plants they own.

You just want to use my customers to build your brand.

We already have customers. We want to bring them to you. Also, the more customers you sign up, the more data you'll receive because you'll have access to more households so signing up existing customers would be very beneficial to your company.

I don't have the bandwidth to execute this kind of program.

We handle the heavy lifting. All we need from you is a simple spread sheet with your plant and product barcode SKUs and we'll handle the rest.

Is this an all or nothing? Can I step into your program?

While we don't provide trial periods, we do offer a different packages to meet your needs. This way, you can always add more to your package when you're ready.

If my customers join your app why would they come to my store?

We turn your store into an interactive retail expeirence so that they want to come in, scan your plants, and explore your shops. Plus, we promote your prodcuts and your locations to keep them coming back.

Can you make the app look like it's for our store?

When a customer scans a plant at your location, the home page of the screen will change. It will feature your plants, your promotions, your events, videos and more!

Can I make money from using this tool?

That's why we're here! Not only will your store make money from an increase in sales, new customers, and year-round foot traffic, you can also make money on every user who signs up for SP premium and is linked to your store.